Healthcare is deeply personal for me, since my wife survived cancer and our daughter has special needs. The Affordable Care Act did a great deal to help address the problems in our system. It was a step in the right direction, and we need to build on that foundation. Since its passage, the ACA has been undermined, disrupted and attacked at every level.

Since we cannot rely on the federal government to solve the problem, it is time to work within our state to improve our healthcare system.

The work Representative Dylan Roberts began in the 2019 legislative session needs to continue. We have reassurance protection. Work is being done to measure the cost and impact in the State of Colorado (1) public option plans for Medicaid and the state plans; and (2) single payer programs.

We need to bring stakeholders together and ensure that delivery of services to all Coloradans matches the goals of real care on the ground. We also need to ensure that those who are most vulnerable, including our disability community, are not forgotten.

We are living in an opioid crisis, mental health needs to be part of the conversation along with physical health.

Dental care must also be part of the conversation. I have a friend who’s an oncologist. He couldn’t treat one of his leukemia patients on Medicare because Medicare doesn’t cover dental care. The patient couldn’t afford dental care, his teeth were so bad that if his oncologist used chemotherapy, the treatment would have killed him.