Gun Sense

The day of the Sandy Hook shooting, I stopped what I was doing, ran to my kids’ school and hugged them. Just a few months ago, Sol Pais shut down schools across Colorado and I had to sign my kids out of school. Gun violence is claiming far too many of our family members, our friends, and our neighbors.

Colorado has led the way on smart gun reform, but we need to continue our progress.

A five day waiting period when purchasing a firearm would have saved Sol Pais’ life and prevented the shutdown of hundreds of schools. We can work with local law enforcement to create a preclearance program that includes a five day wait to purchase a firearm.

In the 1950s, Armalite responded to a request by the military to develop a reliable gun that was easy to use, less prone to jamming, more efficient, and quick to train on. They came up with the AR15, which the military adopted and named the M16. Today, variants of AR15 are still widely sold. These weapons have one purpose: the efficient killing of as many people as possible. No one should have these weapons of war. I support an assault weapons ban.

Under federal law, anyone convicted of domestic abuse is prohibited from not only from purchasing a gun, but owning one as well. Nonetheless, many of our local law enforcement offices have indicated that they do not enforce existing gun laws in part because they have no place to store confiscated firearms. We need to establish a secure firearm collection site run by the Colorado State Patrol as a first step to enforcement of existing gun laws.

There are too many loopholes and cracks in our current system that people can slip through, and this leads to injuries and deaths. We must do more.