Environmental Justice

We are facing a climate crisis. Global warming due to reliance on fossil fuels is fostering long term damage to our air, water and children’s health. As a father I want to work to mitigate or, better yet reverse, the devastating damage of climate change so my kids can have a safe and prosperous future.

Scientists have warned us that the clock is ticking. We must act now to protect colorado and its beauty. The stakes are too high.

Our state could be particularly vulnerable with our frequent droughts, along with our rural communities that depend on agriculture, skiing and rafting.

The oil and gas industry has substantial influence in our state, not least because of the number of people who are either employed by those companies, or who receive royalties for the mineral interests on their property. With the expansion of fracking in our state, our neighbors, friends and families are put at risk.

We need to require certain protections for our citizens. We need to

  • prohibit the non-emergency venting of fossil fuels (flaring);

  • prohibit deep injection of wastes;

  • require recycling of all fracking fluids;

  • require property developers and realtors to fully disclose fracking near residential properties for sale in the listing information, not only at point of sale;

  • make a public, user-friendly database of all wells and oil lines;

  • amend set back provisions related to schools to be calculated from the property line instead of the structures;

  • require all capping and line closure be reviewed by state regulators to ensure safe closure;

  • establish strict liability for all damages linked to drilling; and

  • require purchase of performance bonds before drilling to ensure that costs for well closure

  • will not be shifted to local communities if a driller files for bankruptcy.