I grew up in the public schools right here in HD 41; I graduated from Overland High School. After my daughter was born, we moved back to Colorado, to raise my family right here. My daughter is a sophomore at Overland, and my son will go there next year.

We need to support our public schools and our teachers. Our teachers work long hours for low pay to support our kids and they deserve our support in turn.

The high stakes testing that pits school against school and student against student by SB 191 needs to be unwound. Every day our kids spend on these tests is a day without instruction. My daughter has Down Syndrome, she doesn’t get these days back, and neither do your daughters or sons. In an increasingly global world, we need to give our kids the best start possible. 

We need more money in our classrooms. One way to do this is to cut the administrative bloat created by testing. By removing that platform, we will free up districts to decrease the constant classroom auditing, and free up money to be put back in the classroom and used in a more impactful way.

As an example of the intersectionality between issues, if we can successfully found public banking, I would support low interest consolidation student loans for teachers in public schools. This could increase the appeal of teaching, and work to solve the acute teacher shortage our schools are facing.