Coloradans for Aarestad

Meet David

My name is David Aarestad: I’m an attorney, advocate, and father, and Aurora has been my home for over thirty years. I studied international relations at Bates College, Chinese politics in the graduate program at Indiana University, and law at Georgetown University, but I grew up in Huntington, went to Eastridge, Prairie, and Overland schools, and have lived in Dam West with my wife and kids since 2005.

I’m running to represent District 41 in the Colorado House of Representatives because working families here are still struggling to meet basic needs like housing, healthcare, and child care and we need much more effective representation at the local level.

Five months after my son was born, my wife Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer. Nothing could have prepared us for the terror: The day before Karen started chemo we went out on the back deck with clippers and shaved her head in front of the kids, so they would think that was why their mom was losing her hair. Every day, we faced the fear and uncertainty of the possibility of Karen dying, or of me losing my job and being unable to pay for treatment or for therapy for our daughter Sofia, who has Down Syndrome.


Why I’m Running

“When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, it became personal for me. We need strong advocates and policy leaders who will fight for affordable, universal healthcare, strong schools, increased community investment, and rights for all.”

— David Aarestad


After the 2016 election, Congressman Mike Coffman endorsed catastrophic efforts by House Republicans to destroy the Affordable Care Act. Knowing I couldn’t stand by and ignore the attacks on families like mine, I ran for Congress: I traveled throughout the Sixth Congressional District, meeting countless Colorado families with stories like mine. After a year of campaigning, I withdrew from the race and endorsed Jason Crow, who unseated Coffman and is now our representative in Congress.

Despite several victories last November, attacks on working families have only continued. What began with Mike Coffman continues with the Trump administration’s assaults on the ACA: The administration is trying to overturn protections for people like my daughter and my wife, not to mention every college graduate who relies on their parents’ insurance to get health care, every business or individual who gets insurance through the state exchanges, and every person with a pre-existing condition.

I am running for House District 41 because real solutions for our district need a strong voice in the Colorado House of Representatives. If we can’t trust the federal government to put our families first, we have to rely on our local representatives. Failure to act by the federal government should not mean failure to act by the state of Colorado.