Coloradans for Aarestad

Attorney. Father. Advocate.

David Aarestad for Colorado House 41


Meet David

I grew up in HD41, I went to Overland High School, and I’m raising my kids here. I’m an attorney and advocate, and I’m running to be your voice at the state capitol.


Principles and Priorities



Healthcare is the reason I decided to run for office: my wife and daughter depend on access to quality medical care, and we need to do more to lower costs and expand coverage. 

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Climate Crisis

We are facing a climate crisis. Failure to act on global warming and our reliance on fossil fuels is fostering long term damage to our air, water, and children’s health. 

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I grew up right here in HD41, and graduated from Overland High School. Our public schools are deeply personal to me. We need more resources for our students, teachers, and classrooms.

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Gun Sense

I ran to school to hug my kids the day of the Sandy Hook shooting. We can and must do more to prevent these tragedies, such as mandatory waiting periods and bans on assault weapons.

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Get Involved

I was inspired to run after talking to community members and neighbors. It’s time for effective leadership in the state house. But I can’t do it without your help. Can you sign up to volunteer today? How about donating? A few dollars can go a long way.



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We need to reach thousands of voters between now and next November. It’s going to take thousands of door knocks, post cards, phone calls, and texts. Can you help out by donating a few dollars today?